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Join our workshops and learn from international testing leaders on the final day of Testing Festival.

Expand your horizons at our workshops, where testing superstars will zero in and share their knowledge and expertise on a focused topic. You’ll walk away equipped with the tools and skills you need to confidently grow in your testing career.

Workshop #1

“Testing, Modelling and Coverage”

by Paul Gerrard

“Testing is a process in which we create mental models of the environment, the program, human nature and the tests themselves.” Boris Beizer said that in 1990, but the idea that testers use models is much older than that. For almost everything humans do – that involves complexity – we create models to simplify, to scope, to mechanise, to understand.

Models are an essential part of being human. To take a few steps requires us to understand the configuration of all of the larger bones and joints of our bodies and the tensions in around 100 muscles. Our brains must understand all this, send an orchestrated set of nerve impulses to all these muscles to take a single step and calculate, calibrate and recalculate second by second – but much faster than that.

It takes huge processing power to control mechanical robots that simulate human movement. Humans simply don’t have that power, so we must simplify, through mental models. Modelling is essential, innate and human. Our brain is a superb modelling engine. As developers and testers, let’s use it to advantage.

In this workshop, Paul explores how we think as testers and how we use models to simplify, scope and explain what we do. Consider how our understanding of a problem is in effect, a model. Our approaches to testing are models. We explain what we do as testers as meaningful models – to stakeholders.

Paul explains how successful test design and execution automation is based on models too. Three key points:

Learn how modelling is
central to all testing.
How to select and use models; how to use models to explain and justify what you do.
How coverage derives from models and tools can support test design.

Workshop #2

“Effectively managing our careers”

by Mike Jarred, Phil Wheeler, and Jennifer Wheeler

Careers in Technology are like any relationship: the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to achieve the desired outcome of that relationship.

How is the relationship you have with your career? How do you feel when you ask yourself these questions?

  • When did you last check in with yourself reflecting on your career?
  • Do you have a career plan, if so, how is that working out for you?
  • Is your work meaningful, valuable and rewarding?
  • Does your work and career contribute to a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life?
  • Do you wish to be in a position where you feel in control of your working life and future?

Careers are rarely predictable – unexpected events often stop us in our tracks, forcing us to change direction or lose focus on our career goals. Starting a family, illness, redundancy, volatile employment markets, ageing parents, our own changing values and aspirations in life can impact our career progression.

For Testers, technology has additional career disrupters, which create further challenges to having a predictable career:

  • Gartner are tracking 109 new technologies in 2021 that organisations are assessing, trialling, and implementing to achieve business outcomes;
  • Organisations are changing their Target Operating Models, introducing new tools and delivery methods (Agile, Dev / * / Ops), while evolving roles which demand new skills to be developed.

This hands-on, practical and helpful workshop will educate and help delegates engage with and build momentum around their personal career progression in Testing and technology whilst also supporting the Testing community.

Take-aways & key learning points :

Deliver real practical value for the delegates – leave having made progress already.
Delegates will leave the tutorial with a plan of actions, some of which will be actionable from day one. Each delegate will have their own action plan specific to their circumstances.
Clarity on where they are now and where they want to go in their career progression.
Create a practical, easy to implement plan.
Start building a support network you can turn to so they don’t feel isolated.

Join our workshops and learn from the best of the best on the final day of Testing Festival!