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Testing Festival 2021 Get inspired, grow your knowledge, and connect with internationally recognized test experts and leaders at Testing Festival.
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Hear the latest ideas from thought leaders at the bleeding edge of testing and QA.
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Testing Festival Themes

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Model-based Testing
  • Future Automation Models
  • Innovations in Software Testing Methods and Tools
  • Experience Reports & Real-Life Examples
  • DevOps, DevSecOps & FutureOps
  • Testing Leadership
  • Autonomous & Continuous Testing

The Test Factor

World-renowned judges Giles Lindsay, Jonathon Wright and Paul Gerrard search for the next generation of superstar testers.

The contestants—up-and-coming testing stars—present their innovative ideas and concepts to the judges for a chance to win mentorship from their favourite judge and access to The QA Lead Membership for one year.

If you’re still thinking, “What is The Test Factor?”, imagine The X Factor—the singing competition TV show—but switch singers for testers and Simon Cowell for Giles Lindsay!

Hear the latest ideas in testing and celebrate your fellow testers at this must-see event.



Day 1

The State of Testing

Opening Keynote

“State of Testing / Future of Testing”

Paul Gerrard Principal @ Gerrard Consulting


Session Talk

“Testers, Automation and a Common Confusion”

Dorothy Graham Software Testing Consultant


Session Talk

“Leading a Quality Culture”

Alan Page Senior Director, Engineering @ Unity Technologies


Panel Discussion

Paul Gerrard, Dorothy Graham, Alan Page and Alan Richardson


Session Talk

R. Michael Anderson Leadership Mentor / Advisor / Conference Keynote Speaker @ R. Michael Anderson – The Technology Leadership Insider


Session Talk

“Navigating Uncertainty: How To Own Your Career In Testing With Confidence”

Mike Jarred Director and Owner @ Cornflower Technology Consulting


Session Talk

“Reinventing Test Leadership”

Fiona Charles Software Test Consultant/Coach and Program Test Manager


Panel Discussion

R. Michael Anderson, Mike Jarred, Fiona Charles, Laveena Ramchandani, Rob Lambert, and Chris Meunier




Bonus Session

“Independent Health – My Experience Report”

Chris Trimper

Day 2


The Test Factor

Giles Lindsay CEO @ Agile Delta Consulting

The State of Tooling

Opening Keynote

“‘State of Tooling’ Report 2021”

Jonathon Wright CTO @ Digital-Assured


Session Talk

“Bots that Test: Retraining the Terminator”

Gareth Smith General Manager @ Eggplant


Session Talk

“Beyond automating tests: The Open Testing Platform”

Wayne Ariola CxO @ Curiosity Software Ireland Ltd


Session Talk

“How to Scale Your Continuous Testing With Automation You Can Trust”

Eran Kinsbruner DevOps Chief Evangelist, Author, Senior Director of Product Marketing @ Perforce Software


Session Talk

“Automated Security Testing”

Wilson Mar Software Architect


Session Talk

“How Low-code Enables Cross-Functional Testing”


Katie Staveley Head of Marketing @ mabl


Session Talk

“Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to Your Tests”

Angie JonesSenior Director, Developer Relations @ Applitools


Panel Discussion

Eran Kinsbruner, Wilson Mar, Paul Grossman, Huw Price, Todd DeCapua, Jonathon Wright, Paul Gerrard and Giles Lindsay


The Voice of the Tester (US)




Bonus Session

“DATA: Exhaust, Pipeline, Telemetry, & Automated Orchestration”

Todd DeCapuaSenior Field Solutions Engineer @ Splunk

Amazing speakers

Learn from the world’s top test experts and leaders.


CEO @ Agile Delta Consulting

Giles is a Technology and Agile Leader, with more than 25 years of experience. He is both commercially led and delivery focused, having guided and enabled agile practices that allow organisations to outperform. He is a former CTO and is now the CEO of Agile Delta Consulting.

CTO @ Digital-Assured

Jonathon Wright is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation, and has more than 25 years of international commercial experience within global organizations. He is currently the CTO of Digital-Assured.

Principal @ Gerrard Consulting

Paul Gerrard is a consultant, teacher, author, webmaster, programmer, tester, conference speaker, rowing coach and publisher. He has conducted consulting assignments in all aspects of software testing and quality assurance, specialising in test assurance. He is a Principal of Gerrard Consulting Limited.


Senior Director, Engineering @ Unity Technologies

Alan has been improving software quality since 1993 and is currently the Director of Programs and Quality for Monetization at Unity. Previous to Unity, Alan spent 22 years at Microsoft working on projects spanning the company – including a two-year position as Microsoft’s Director of Test Excellence.

Tester, Developer, Trainer and Coach

Alan works as an independent Agile coach and software development consultant, helping companies improve their agile development and coding processes, use of automation, and exploratory technical testing. Author of four books including “Dear Evil Tester”, “Java For Testers” and “Automating and Testing a REST API”. Alan also creates online training courses to help people learn Technical Web Testing and Selenium WebDriver with Java.

Senior Director, Developer Relations @ Applitools

Angie Jones is a Java Champion and Senior Director who specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. She shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world, as well as and leading the online learning platform, Test Automation University. Angie volunteers with Black Girls Code to teach coding workshops to young girls in an effort to attract more women and minorities to tech.

Software Testing Consultant

Dorothy was a founding member of the ISEB Software Testing Board, and was a member of the working party that developed the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus. In 2012 she was awarded the first ISTQB International Software Testing Excellence Award. She is co-author of five books: an introductory book for software testing together with more in-depth books on Software Inspection and Test Automation.

DevOps Chief Evangelist, Author, Senior Director of Product Marketing @ Perforce Software

Eran is Chief Evangelist and Product Manager at Perfecto by Perforce. He is also the author of the 2016 Amazon bestseller, “The Digital Quality Handbook”, “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals”, and “Accelerating Software Quality – ML and AI in the Age of DevOps”, which was named the “Best New Software Testing Book” by Book Authority.

Software Test Consultant/Coach and Program Test Manager

Fiona Charles is an independent consultant, specialising in the human side of software development and projects. She consults with clients on testing and test management, works as an Agile testing coach, and acts occasionally as a program-level test manager on difficult projects.

General Manager @ Eggplant

Gareth is a proven leader of product marketing, product management solutions, and Pre Sales teams. Prior experience includes Progress Software where he held several positions including Director of Product Management and Principal Software Architect. He was also part of the founding team of Apama where he was Director of Pre Sales & Principal Architect prior to its acquisition by Progress Software.

Managing Director @ Curiosity Software Ireland Ltd

Huw Price was VP and Application Delivery Global QA Strategist at CA Technologies, and is now Managing Director of Curiosity Software Ireland. He has 30 years of experience as a software inventor and entrepreneur, and has founded five software companies. Huw specializes in DevOps solutions.

Head of Marketing @ mabl

Katie Staveley is the Head of Marketing at mabl, an intelligent test automation platform. She has held senior marketing positions at several rapidly growing technology companies, including Signiant, Objet Geometries, Mercury Interactive, and Empirix. Katie is passionate about technology and teams, working closely with product to bring solutions to market.

Senior Test Consultant @ Deloitte

Laveena Ramchandani is a senior test consultant at Deloitte. She has been testing for over 6 years finds the world of testing very interesting and enjoys exploring and learning new skills within it. Laveena will share her knowledge and help those who attend the session take away something that could help them in their day to day testing exercises.

Leadership Mentor @ R. Michael Anderson

R. Michael Anderson is an Inc. 5000 software entrepreneur from California who, after falling in love and marrying a lovely British woman, is now based in London. In addition to running his own companies and non-profit work, he also professionally mentors leaders primarily in the technology field and shares his journey on stage at conferences.

Director and Owner @ Cornflower Technology Consulting

I am an experienced technologist & career tester who has been in IT roles since 1987. I have had a successful but sometimes “bumpy” career which has enabled me to work as a Head of Testing and Development in Financial Services and Life Sciences, and other business domains. I am now the Director of my own company, Cornflower Technology Consulting. I deliver strategic advice and services to clients on how to deliver great quality software. I also provide recruitment services for my clients.

Senior Software Development Engineer Test @ Utopia Solutions

Paul Grossman has over nineteen years of experience as a software developer engineer in test automation using products like UFT, QTP going all the way back to Mercury WinRunner. He received his IT training at the Savannah College of ARt and Design, a feeder school for Hollywood's top digital special effects companies.

Founders @ Career Progression Programme

Phil has a wealth of experience in coaching and supporting people in their careers, gained through his time spent in the military and Technology sector. Jennifer has a significant amount of experience in technical recruitment including testing recruitment, and has supported the Testing Community through her roles at the BCS SIGiST and by finding mentors for people searching for industry support and advice.

Management and HR Coach

I started my career as a Tester, then an Engineering Manager, then a VP of HR and now as a Director of my own company, Cultivated Management. I teach via weekly YouTube videos, books, from the stage and through coaching and consulting. I also publish a weekly newsletter called The Manager, and teach an award winning communication workshop, which is now online and available to all.

Senior Field Solutions Engineer @ Splunk

Todd DeCapua is a passionate software executive, technology evangelist and business leader with extensive hands-on engineering expertise. Some of his roles/titles include: Senior Field Solutions Engineer at Splunk, Executive Director of Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Senior Director of Technology and Product Innovation [Business Unit CIO] at CSC, Chief Technology Evangelist at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Head of PS and Tech Integrations / Partners with Shunra Software, Co-Founder of TechBeacon.com, Prior Boardmember at Vivit Worldwide and Apposite Technologies, TEDx Wilmington Host for Technology & Innovation. He is also an online author and contributor, well known speaker / evangelist, and co-author of the O’Reilly published book titled, “Effective Performance Engineering.”

CxO @ Curiosity Software

Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Product Officer known for taking software technology and service companies through their growth stages. Across start-up, private, and growth organizations, I deliver transformational category development, data-driven marketing and brand development, business strategy, product strategy, and sales enablement programs.

Software Architect

Wilson has been building and bringing enterprise applications to market on major platforms—from mobile to server clouds—as an architect, developer, performance tester, and manager. His https://wilsonmar.github.io/ provides concise, in-depth advice on leading technologies. For the past three years, Wilson has been refining his training techniques on Git and GitHub so attendees quickly understand its intricacies.

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Testing Festival facilitates the professional and personal development of Senior Testing Professionals.

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